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In the early days, lapel pins were worn by gentlemen to symbolize their status or membership of certain organizations, schools of thinking, or ideologies. Enamel pins were the most popular type of lapel pins. At the end of the 90s and in celebration of the coming millennium, Disney launched a Disney Pin Trading program, which sparked a new craze for collecting enamel pins. Thus, pins became one of the best mediums through which pop culture, indie art and illustration, and even social issues were propagated.

pppppins is a group of well-trained lapel fanatics who create unique pins that represent ideals or fascinating visuals. Each mold is carved out meticulously and methodically, we are absolutely fastidious about quality-control because we must ensure that every single pin is a reflection of our obsession with perfection. However, in our hearts we know that it is ultimately the wearer of the pin who gives it soul. A pin could be a reminder of a beautiful journey, a time of clarity and realization, or a symbol of subtle chemical changes — whatever it may be, it’s between you and your pin.


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